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5 Reason Family Offices Should Keep A Risk and Investigation Firm On Retainer

Family offices are unique organizations that provide a range of financial and personal services to high-net-worth individuals and families. These services may include managing assets, providing financial advice, coordinating philanthropic efforts, and handling legal and administrative tasks. Given the high-profile nature of their clients and the sensitive financial and personal information that they handle, family offices face a range of risks that can impact their operations and reputation.

One way that family offices can manage these risks is by retaining a private risk and investigation firm like CHATTERBELL. Here are some reasons why family offices need to have a private risk and investigation firm on retainer.

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Wealth management needs risk management.

Protecting Privacy

Family offices handle a large amount of sensitive personal and financial information, which makes them a target for hackers and other cybercriminals. CHATTERBELL's team of experienced professionals can help family offices protect their clients' privacy and manage their risks by implementing data protection policies, providing secure data storage solutions, and monitoring their clients' online activity.

Managing Reputation

Family offices also need to protect their clients' reputations, which can be damaged by negative press, online reviews, or other forms of public scrutiny. CHATTERBELL's team can help family offices manage their clients' reputations by monitoring for potential threats, responding to negative press, and managing online reviews.

Conducting investigations

Family offices may also need to conduct investigations for a variety of reasons, including to uncover financial fraud, protect against intellectual property theft, or gather evidence for legal proceedings, such as reputation attacks. CHATTERBELL's team of experienced professionals is skilled in conducting a range of investigations, including financial investigations, cyber investigations, and litigation support.

Providing Strategic Relocation Services

Family offices may also need to help their clients relocate to a new location for various reasons, including to protect their privacy or to manage risks related to their high-profile status. CHATTERBELL's team can help family offices provide strategic relocation services, including by identifying the best locations for their clients and managing the logistics of the move.

Providing Legal Support

Family offices may also need legal support to navigate complex legal issues related to privacy, data protection, and other areas. CHATTERBELL's team can provide legal support to family offices, including by providing guidance on compliance with relevant laws and regulations and assisting with legal proceedings.

Overall, retaining a private risk and investigation firm like CHATTERBELL can be a valuable asset for family offices, helping them manage their risks and protect their clients' privacy and reputations in an increasingly complex and challenging world.


The services that can be provided family offices, is as diversified as the client needs. We treat every client with a can-do, concierge style service orientation. We believe that when our clients need CHATTERBELL for risk, security, privacy, investigation, or intelligence we will be there.


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