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About Us: Baker Street

Baker Street
Baker Street™ is a private intelligence firm serving the world's finest heritage brands and private clientele.


Baker Street™ is a risk consulting firm based in both the United Kingdom, and United States that serves global clientele to predict, prevent, and control outcomes.

Luxury and Heritage Brands Risk Firm

Our specialty is in serving the luxury and heritage brands market with brand and reputation protection services. Not only do we serve the brands, but the sophisticated families and executives behind highly esteemed companies who have made a significant impact on the world of craftsmanship and fashion.

The brands we work for have over 1500 years of experience in their respective fields such as luxury fashion, high street tailoring, aviation, real estate, and charitable organizations.

High Net-Worth Families

Behind every successful fashion house, or other sophisticated brand is the people that make it all happen. Some of these are the leadership that make a successful entity what it is today.

These executives are under constant pressure in an ever-evolving society to do what other people may think is the "right thing to do", thus creating havoc in business operations and personal lives.

We provide HNWIs and family offices with risk control solutions that work within legal structures to provide privacy and security to executive management and founders.

What Consulting Services Does Baker Street™ Offer

Our consultancy advises clients before, during, or after an event where they feel they need professional services and representation.

We assist clients in various ways understand the risk and reward of every step they take. We provide one-time consulting, on-going advisory, and custom strategies to meet each clients specific needs.

Our consulting services are as diverse as the challenges our clients face.

Why Should I Hire Baker Street?™

People that hire our firm realize the value of getting unbiased, impartial, and independent evaluations of their personal, legal and business matters.

Our clients don't want to be sold products or services they don't need, or that they inevitably over pay for. In addition, our clients want results, and we can provide custom strategies to achieve these results.

One hires Baker Street because they understand the value of a trusted advisor over the pushy, and often salesly approach other services use. They also value our proxy services where no one will know who they are.

The People Behind Baker Street

The people that run the firm come from varied backgrounds in investigation, intelligence, cyber, finance, and law. The firm members are dedicated to providing independent and factual strategies to our clients to aid them in achieving better results without the fear of being sold something they don't need.

What Matters Do We Consult On?

Baker Street consults on the following matters:

  • Cyber investigations and security

  • Digital forensics

  • Intellectual property

  • Blackmail

  • Reputation management

  • Competitive intelligence

  • Business law

  • Corporate malfeasance

  • Sexual harassment

  • Asset research and tracing

  • Stalking

  • More


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