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High Net Worth Individual Privacy and Security

Privacy is becoming more and more elusive, and often it is thought about in terms of online or digital privacy. Digital privacy being only one asepect, public figures and high-net-worth families need to consider more to protect their privacy and becoming victims of extortion.

Privacy Is Not Just For The Rich

When we speak of high-net-worth (HNW) individuals needing privacy, it is not to single out anyone else who may not fall into the category of high-net-worth. Average individuals and family members can certainly benefit from privacy and security of their personal information.

We focus in this article on HNW as they tend to live a lifestyle where they can become targets of various schemes in order to part them from money or to damage their reputation. This is more of the case with public figures than possibly ordinary people who may not be in the lime-light.

The World's Focus on Transparency

While the global economic and policitcal world is focusing on greater transparency, this fool attempt to become open and forthright is also making information easier to digest and use to their malicious benefit for would-be criminals. There is greater access to information now than ever before. The world is now an information economy.

Privacy and Security Are Two Different Things

Think of it this way: privacy is putting a door, windows and drapery on your home. With these items in place, it is far less likely that someone can hear you, or see you inside your home. But, they can still open the door and walk in. They can open the window and crawl in.

Security backs the privacy when you add something like a deadbolt lock to your door, or put bars on your windows. One obfuscates and the other mitigates.

"Privacy" The New Buzz Word

Privacy is all the the buzz the last 5 years. It has become an economy unto itself with the majority of privacy related work around technology. This is important. But not the only thing someone needs to understand about privacy. Privacy is not a fad that will go away soon. It never has and never will based on where the world has placed itself in its fascination with technology.

Privacy Options Are In Massive Demand

Since we quietly started in privacy consulting in 2001 for families and individuals concerned with the information age, Vidocq & Co. has seen a surge in clients contacting us because they heard from a friend of a friend that we are preeminent leaders in personal privacy.

From 2001 to 2016 we assisted 612 clients with privacy related services. From late 2016 to 2020 we assisted 412 people in just 3.5 years.

High-Net-Worth Individual Lifestyle Privacy

High net worth individuals often seek to protect their privacy and maintain a certain lifestyle. They may purchase luxury items and services, live in exclusive neighborhoods, and travel to only the most private locations. Their families may also be shielded from the public eye. High net worth individuals typically have the means to hire security teams and other professionals to help them protect their privacy.

They also have more to lose.

Wealthy individuals and high net worth individuals and their families are the targets of most attacks. From inside and out. Money can be extorted from them. It has happened and will continue with intensity.

Wealth Management

Wealth managers work with Vidocq & Co. to help protect their clients privacy. We work with their management strategy to help their clients avoid privacy risks. We work tirelessly to aid our clients in understanding the need for privacy then cultivating a plan that will yield positive results. We work both on-site and off-site to create a plan that brings clients peace-of-mind.

Don't Buy Your Privacy From a Kid on YouTube

There is an ever growing group of people on YouTube extoling their prowess in privacy. Most of it revolving around technology. There is an ever-increasing tension between YouTuber's and even federal agencies about what is being said, shared and even fought over.

We have quietly worked on privacy matters for 20 years. Discreetly meeting our clients objectives without having to run discord servers, Facebook pages, Instagram feeds or YouTube videos. We know that real privacy clients want to keep our tactics and techniques private.

YouTuber's Are Selling Something

You may reason that you can get something for free while watching it on YouTube. But, whether you realize it or not you are indirectly paying for it with their AdSense revenue earned by watching the video. In addition, they often sell products and have sponsors. These are not bad people doing something wrong, we just prefer to work quietly and keep the minutia of our tactics in-house.

Privacy Relocation Services

There are many reasons why someone may need to relocate their privacy. Maybe they've been the victim of harassment or stalking, or they're simply looking for a fresh start in a new place. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of companies that offer privacy relocation services.

These services typically involve helping the client find a new place to live, and sometimes even changing their name and identity. They can be very expensive, but for some people, they're worth it.

Relocating because of threats, needs or to just live a more quiet life is a great idea and may be something you find very rewarding. However, before you get too excited about it, remember to do your research.

You need to make sure that the new location can meet your privacy needs while making you happy and comfortable. This means looking at the demographics of the area and getting a feel for what kind of people live there. It also means looking at the climate and geography.Will you be able to stand living in a place with extreme temperatures? Will you have access to things like mountains or beaches? Will it be easy for you to find a job in this new place? These are just some of the things you’ll want to consider.

Once you’ve found a few places that look like they would be good candidates for your relocation, visit them! Spend some time there and really get a feel for what the place is like. This way, when it comes time to make your final decision, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into.

Vidocq & Co. Privatus Privacy Solutions

Vidocq & Co. will discreetly help you with any privacy matter you need to undertake. Whether you want greater Online privacy or want to relocate and start over, we have solutions to privacy problems that will ensure your peace-of-mind.


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