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Why Hire Baker Street To Consult With Before Hiring a Private Investigator

Bactrian camel from the Royal London Menagery -
The Bactrian Camel is endangered. Like this camel, our consulting detectives are full of diverse processes that can provide the end user with much better results.

Introduction to Why You Need To Hire Baker Street Before Hiring a Private Investigator

Why would one hire someone to give them the proper advice a private investigation when they could get a free consultation from a licensed private investigator?

Therein lies the answer. However, if you don't quite yet get it, then this brief article will explain it to you. We will answer the question: Why hire a consulting detective prior to hiring a private investigation agency.

TLD: Baker Street is a consultancy that charges you a flat rate for consulting with you and crafting the best approach. Private investigators do the work, but you can hire a private investigator knowing that the strategy we have provided you is done without the idea of stringing you along in an investigation that does not apply to your needs.

What Does a Private Investigator Do

A private investigator (PI), also known as a private detective or private eye, is a professional who is hired to conduct investigations and gather information for individuals, businesses, or organizations. Their primary objective is to uncover facts, gather evidence, and provide their clients with information related to various matters. Here are some common tasks and responsibilities of a private investigator:

Surveillance: Private investigators often conduct surveillance to observe and document the activities of individuals, such as suspected cheating spouses, employees engaged in fraudulent activities, or individuals involved in legal disputes.

Background Checks:

PIs perform background checks to gather information about a person's history, including their criminal record, employment history, financial background, and other relevant information.

Locating People:

Private investigators are hired to locate missing persons, such as long-lost relatives, debtors, witnesses, or individuals who have skipped town to avoid legal obligations.

Asset Searches:

They may conduct asset searches to help clients identify and locate a person's assets, such as real estate, bank accounts, or other valuable possessions.

Fraud Investigations:

PIs investigate cases of insurance fraud, financial fraud, identity theft, and other fraudulent activities to help clients uncover the truth and pursue legal action if necessary.

Infidelity Investigations:

Some private investigators specialize in investigating cases of suspected infidelity or cheating in relationships, providing evidence to their clients.

Corporate Investigations:

PIs assist businesses in conducting internal investigations, including employee misconduct, theft, embezzlement, and intellectual property theft.

Legal Support:

Private investigators can help gather evidence for legal cases, including criminal defense, civil litigation, and divorce proceedings.

Personal Security:

Some PIs provide personal security services to clients who require protection or wish to assess potential security threats.

Undercover Operations:

In certain cases, private investigators may go undercover to infiltrate organizations or gather information discreetly.

Electronic Surveillance:

They use advanced technology to conduct electronic surveillance, including tracking online activities, monitoring communications, and retrieving digital evidence.


Private investigators may be called upon to testify in court as expert witnesses to present the evidence they have collected during their investigations.

It's important to note that private investigators must adhere to local, state, and federal laws and regulations while conducting their work. They often work independently or as part of investigative agencies, and their services can be hired by individuals, attorneys, insurance companies, corporations, and government agencies for various purposes.

Hiring a Private Investigator is Complicated

Why is hiring a private detective complicated? Unlike other professions, there can be mixed results. When you hire your plumber, you can pretty well bet that whatever their mission, they will get it done and within a pre-prescribed budget.

Private investigators cannot really offer you any guarantees of significance. Each investigation, although it may have similarity, can be drastically different. There are many nuances. This is why most private investigators do not list prices up front. Although, another reason is because they are afraid the competition will undercut them.

The Private Investigation Business is Cut Throat

Perhaps you have wondered why private investigators usually don't charge for a consultation. It's because the next agency won't. And, if the private investigator wants a chance at your business, they will need to provide some upfront value to the prospective client. This is usually in the form of a knowledgeable consultation.

Sounds okay, right?

It's not.

Why Is It Better For a Private Investigator To Charge For a Consultation

First, let's discuss that all of our time is valuable. Most of us are so busy hustling in our careers, and family life that the little time we have left is precious. You, the client value your time and resources, as should a professionally licensed detective.

What Happens During a Consultation

During a consultation with a private investigator, the investigator will gather facts, understand your challenges and then sell you their service they feel will be the best bet for your matter.

How Long Does a PI Consultation Last

A consultation with a private investigator can be from 15 minutes to an hour or longer. Likely, your matter is complex and require the time to listen and ask questions and formulate a plan.

The Reality is a Private Investigator Consultation is a Sales Pitch

If a private investigator was being honest, they would tell you that they listen to you in order to find the hot buttons and then find the service they can sell you that makes them money. This is understandable to a point, everyone has to understand their client or customer's needs in order to serve them.

But is this consultation always ethical? No. In fact, even though there is no evidence to back it up, it is not unreasonable to assume that private investigators sell you services you really don't need.

Why It's Better To Charge You For a Consultation

Simply put, when a private investigator charges for a consultation, they are providing you feedback and tactics that you could just take elsewhere and price shop. Nearly 100% of private investigators will take the strategy you received from agency A and will find a way to do the work for less. So, agency B gets the job and has less work to do because you, the consumer, now know what may be best for your matter.

The private detective from agency A just loss because someone else tickled your ear better than they did.

Another point, not to be overlooked is that the reason it is better to charge you for a consultation is because the necessary time can go into gathering all the facts, which cannot be done in a 15-minute phone consultation. These facts then can be discussed with the agency members or thought through and a proper written plan give to you, the client.

Don't Waste Your Money!

You absolutely waste your money when your private investigator goes off half-cocked. This happens when the investigator does not see significant dollar signs. They spend 15 minutes with you, get your credit card and charge you a measly amount of money. They know they need to process the job in order to take the next case. This comes at a cost. Not enough information. Not enough strategizing, and pitiful results.

Private Investigators Are Master Manipulators

This is a very unpopular assertion. But, nonetheless, it's true. Private investigators, especially experienced detectives, have learned the art of every conceivable tactic to elicit information, gain your confidence and part you with your money.

We are not saying that all private investigators are unethical, but what we are saying is that they are geniuses in understanding conversation and directing it in the way they see fit.

How Baker Street Is Different From Private Investigators

We are private investigators who have worked on thousands of investigations. The average time one of our consultants has worked in the PI business is 22 years, with some having 30+ years of experience.

We know the game. Yes, we say game because that is often what it is. Consultations full of "name your own price" type tactics. Top down selling and other manipulative tactics are used thousands of times a day by private investigators all over the world.

We don't play any games.

Baker Street Doesn't Conduct Private Investigations

That's right, we are not in practice to work on your investigation as the end investigator. We don't do the surveillance, find the assets, or anything else that you may require.

We are completely unbiased and serve only one need. Yours.

There is a Difference in Consulting and Doing The Work

It is pretty clear that someone who consults is really providing their time which is chock full of value, like experience, education, and ability.

No. 221B provides clients flat rate consulting and have no vested interest in making money on the project. No percentages, no kickbacks, and no behind the scenes deals.

Why Professional Consulting and Advisory Is The Key

Providing a client with our wealth of strategic and tactical value is one thing. We also provide experience likely in the hundreds to thousands of times. Likely we have 40,000 or more hours of experience in our field. We have been there and done that.

We can, do and will provide you with the correct strategy for your private investigation, legal, or cyber matter. There is no question that when one takes our advice they will increase their chance in hiring the right private investigator with the correct strategy. Often we save our clients from hiring anyone at all and our consulting fees are far less than engaging in a private investigation you don't need.


Yes, you could hire a local private investigator. A quick web search will yield many. Some will answer their phone, some will not. Some will never call you back, others may call you at some point. The industry is full of licensed private investigators, yes, but not all run a tidy business.

It is extremely difficult to know who is a good investigator. Google Reviews you say? Those can be faked. Better Business Bureau - a sham unto itself and I would never tell you to rely on anything they share. Of course their is looking up their State license. But, very few if any private investigators have infractions. There is not enough enforcement for that.

When you become a client of Baker Street Consultants, we charge you only for the time you spend with us. You get expert advice, and many people save tremendous amounts of money in hiring us. We also provide services that can help manage your case and find the right private investigator for your case.


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